Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Autumn Wedding @ The Mango Farm

I can't stop loving... AUTUMN! First are the leaves with monochromatic tones of red, orange, and yellow. Next is the change in temperature from a hot summer to a colder season. 

When I met Melo and Karel last April, I can't help but smile upon knowing that their wedding theme is Autumn-inspired. Melo is a business development consultant & Karel is a preschool teacher.

Back then, they were looking for a day-of-the-wedding coordinator. Great thanks to Dylan for  referring this couple to me :) Dylan is the operations manager of Mango Farm. Also an events stylist and florist in his own right, he creatively transformed the garden ceremony into a rustic autumn look last November 7, 2009. 

I managed to take a few shots from my iPhone but check out the full details of the setup from Dylan's blog

Go, Dylan! Continue to be a blessing to other couples :)

The reception was styled by Kaye of K by Cunanan Catering. Kaye is a fave when it comes to a sumptuous selection of food and an impeccable taste in style. It's very rare that a client would still need an events stylist at the reception if they get Kaye for the catering. Keep up the good work, Kaye!

To Melo and Karel... you have inspired me and the rest of your family, relatives, and honored guests in more ways than one. You have carefully planned your wedding with other people in mind... you wanted them to enjoy and just have a great time :)

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in this momentous event. I pray that your married life will continue to flourish even as years and decades pass by. God bless you!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Mystery of the Missing Eggs

BREAKFAST --- my favorite meal. Yesterday morning, I had a fabulous buffet breakfast at Holiday Inn with hotel roommate Pearl. We took time and savored every bite. And, of course, I had my usual double sunny side up eggs.

Then came the sad news in the evening. Judith, Darl, & I went to SM Hypermart to get groceries for the house. Lo & behold! The eggs are missing in the grocery shelves. The attendant said they're out of stock. 

At unit 1413, egg is a staple food.

Eden: "That is sooo sad! I'm mourning & grieving for the missing eggs."
Darl: "Yeah. Almost all I eat has eggs." 
Judith: "Like what?"
Judith & Eden: "Fried eggs... Scrambled eggs...?"

We had all sorts of peculiar speculations like drowning chickens, traumatized chickens, and so on... But, what really happened to the eggs, we still don't know...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Inspiration

The movie "Julie & Julia" inspired me... not to cook like them, but to awaken in me an interest and passion in concepts and designs. Like Julie, I am not an expert nor a pro. Perhaps, a wannabe who loves to learn from the Julias of this world.

From this day on, I take it upon myself to write and blog on 'light bulb' moments, creative 'stumblings', inspiring designs from classical to vogue, interesting places and people, and a whole pie of delightful and memorable events.

Good morning!